with jacket items to wear of the occasions

I feel so blessed to have been able to volunteer at the Atlanta Processing Center again this past Monday & Tuesday. I was so happy to see so many other volunteers during this third week for the processing center. This visit I got to volunteer at the inappropriate items table. Hard, continuous, fast paced work, but I loved it. I worked with Pearly and she was an absolute gem. She taught me well and I learned a lot. I would like to encourage each of us to be a little more open to share with everyone who talks to us about packing a shoebox gift about what NOT to pack! I have never seen so much toothpaste, antibiotic ointment, powder, lip gloss, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cough drops, acne cream, perfume; candy (every conceivable variety) even rice and pinto beans, cookies, chips, crackers, etc.; breakable toys, inappropriate items like advertising beer, casino's and marijuana, used clothing, shoes, socks, etc. It was sad. All of the money spent on those things could have been applied to other items in the box or shipping costs. Here are a few pictures I wanted to share. with jacket items to wear of the occasions