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So everyone may have heard we lost our baby on January 10th 2018. She is the most precious, beautiful, sweet, boisterous little 12 year old girl. She is the light of our house, our lives. She brightened up every single aspect in life. She was the strongest, determined, most competitive girl. She wanted to win. She wanted to beat you at anything and everything. She was a great daughter, grandaughter, a great sister and our little angel. She left this world being bullied at school for this last year. We took it up with the school several times. They did nothing. Looking at her you wouldn't think she would have an issue being bullied. Beauties get bullied too. She was a popular, fun, ambitious young girl. She was our little Sprite! Our spark. Our heart. Even if your a confident girl. You can be bullied. Even if you seem like you've got it all. You can be bullied. Gabriella Peyton Green was the most amazing thing. The brightest of lights in the entire world. Gabbie let a couple of bullies be a shadow over her brightness. She told us about many things. We as parents are very, very close to all 5 of our kids. We were home at the time. All 7 of us and my husbands cousin Chad Baker. We were 15 to 20 ft from our baby after school, right before dinner time. She was excited to be going to a rally at her church shortly after dinner. No matter how close you are. No matter how well you think you know your kids. They don't tell you everything. They will just say "I'm ok". They can be bullied so much that they can't take it anymore. They think there is no where to turn. They must get lost in their own teenage minds. Why my baby let these two kids tell her to just do it, push her to just take her own life. I just don't know. She as I said was competitive. She beat everyone. She beat us! She beat us and her 4 siblings, myself and my husband to Heaven. She joined her Grandma Sonja and other family members. This place down here just couldn't contain Gabbie. This world down here(as my Uncle Macadio put it) was just to dirty for Gabriella. Too terrible, too much ugliness for my girl to have to be a part of. Gabriella is a beautiful Angel that just made heaven that much more of a spectacular destination. Love our girl to heaven and back. white beach dresses
? ? ? Gabriella Peyton Green's life ceremonies will be on Saturday January 20th at 11:11am at Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach Fl. 32407 For Gabbie dress comfortable in white or bright colors ? ? ?