what to wear for a middle school prom party

100% # ORGANIC # LONGLASH # SERUM is blended with 6 imported ingredients from US and Australia that formulates to an ultra reciepe that tremendously benifits you from different types of skin problems such as: what to wear for a middle school prom party
1. Hair growth and prevents hair loss
2. Treats dundruff and other scalp conditions
3. Thicken hairs
4. Conditions hair from messy to healthy
5. Bring the shine back into your hair
6. Get rid of hair split ends
7. Volumizes, longers and curls eye lashes
8. Thickens eye brows
9. Great skin moisturizer
10. Age defying or preventing signs of age
11. Dry skin remedy
12. Sun burn remedy
13. Skin burn scars remedy
14. Use as lip balm
15. Lightens freckles
16. Treat mild acne and pimples
17. Treat acne scars
18. Lightens dark spots
19. Shrinks eye bags
20. Remove dark circles around your eyes
21. Smoothens and refines skin pores and reduces oil clogs on your face
22. Reduces the appearance of scars
23. Heals crack heels
24. Prevent stretch marks
25. Help soften, moisturized and nourish your hands
26. Natural treatment for brittle nails
27. Cure dry and crack cuticle
28. Eases the pain of arthrites
29. Eases the pain of varicus veins
30. Treats ring worm
31. Cure skin rashes and allergies
32. Remove callus and foot corns
33. Warts and mole removals
34. Treats eczema and psoriasis
35. Hel0s in strengthening the bones
36. Can use for massage
37. Acts as a make up remover
38. It boost your immunity and helps fight infection.