what items to wear for tall maids of honor

Hey guys, Grizabella here, just thought I'd stop by and give you all an update on how I was doing! Well the new family are quite interesting, first thing they did was give me a new name, new home new start my new mom said. So they call me Maze, I think I'm beginning to warm up to it, was a little confusing at first but it's growing on me.

This place is loud, I didn't really like it at first. There are two small male humans running around yelling all the time. When they are really going I hide under my moms bed but sometimes they aren't so bad and they come and give me wonderful pets and scratches as I lie around. I'm getting use to the noise I realize it doesn't mean anyone is trying to hurt me that they are just having fun. I'm kinda interested in some of the things they play and I've started watching them, think I might try and play with them too soon. what items to wear for tall maids of honor

I got a new cat sis out of this new home. She's okay, we haven't had a big fight or anything, I think she's still a little sad about losing her big cat brother. We have had some wonderful games of chase, she's almost as fast as I am but she's not ready for me to sleep near her yet, but I'm wearing her down.

My mom put up this big tree in the house yesterday. Not sure yet why she did it but it's sure been fun investigating it. I keep hearing her mutter something about ornaments and garland are going to probably be limbed this Christmas not sure what she means.....

Oh I almost forgot one terrible thing did happen my mom tricked me and stuck me in that awful small box and took me to that huge moving thing she calls a car. We went to that horrible place that smells like to many animals. She cooed and spoke sweetly to me but I wasn't fooled. Sure enough the people there poked me with needles and cut my long nails off. They told my mom I behaved wonderfully, what it may have looked like to them, I was just watching for my chance to bolt but they were too good for me.

Mom promised I won't have to go back there again soon, not sure what soon means but I hope it means a really long time. I made sure mom knew I was mad with her and stopped sleeping with her for a few nights. She kept talking to me and telling me that she loved me even if I didn't want to be a cuddly cat. Well I didn't want her to think that so last night I gave her a good talking to at bedtime and than got into bed with her. She seemed really happy, guess I punished her long enough.

Well that's all from me, mom says she'll keep you all up to date on my shinnegans. Typing with paws ain't easy and gosh how do you all even handle autocorrect!

Give my love to everyone at the shelter and tell them I'm wishing real hard for them all to find a home soon <3