wedding items to wear that similar to blake lively style

Mother Okolo Oteri Eme is hot! In a good way. Wow! He who has ears let him hear...

"They say it's the white man's religion that has made us poor, unimaginative and lazy.

We were 'poor' before they came, poor thereafter.
They left us better with their religion, we have become poorer in thought and action with it.
If you put what they brought side by side with what we have now there will be few similarities.
If you put what we have now with what we had before they came there would be many similarities.
We simply infused religion with our culture, values and old belief systems.
So stop repeating something that's an obvious lie. You no de think ni?
Have they converted factories in their countries to churches?
Have they refused to farm their land?
Have they refused to build industry?
Are they the ones now fixated on wishful thinking and one liners that come up every year and change absolutely nothing? wedding items to wear that similar to blake lively style
Are they the ones believing a false gospel that has delivered nothing over the years and still cling to It?
Na God say make we no work?
Is it not the bible that tells us to go to the ant?
Biko stop repeating empty rhetoric wey no get sense.
The problem is all of us. Yes look in the mirror!
Abi you have not studied the Jews to see how industrious and business savvy they are?
Religion is NOT the problem, you are!"