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I have noticed many people have questions or misconceptions about what Thrive is. I have done some individual messages but I thought I would post questions people frequently ask or frequent misconceptions.

Assumption: Thrive is a weight loss product.

Answer: FALSE!!! Thrive is not at all a weight loss product! While my Thrive experience has resulted in weight loss its not the direct reason for why Im looking so thin. Thrive is vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics. With Thrive you fill your nutritional gaps which in turn makes you feel alive and great. This makes you want to go out and do stuff, move around and do extra activities. As a result of not sitting on your ass or sleeping the day away like I used to, your out burning calories. Now combine this extra activity with a healthy diet and watching what you eat I think you can guess what the results are. So its up to you to lose weight. Thrive just gives you the ambition to do it. There is a specific weight managment DFT (which I use) that can help you with appetite and a few other things. But this again comes down to what you do with it. You can eat a whole pizza and not lose a thing or you can eat a slice of pizza with a garden side salad which you will burn off by being active. You decide what happens! Thrive cant make weight magically disappear but it can give you what you need to make it vanish! wedding guest gowns for petites

Assumption: So then from the previous statement I have to cut out my favorite foods if I want to lose weight?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT! You better believe I didn't give up my sweets, wine or pizza. I eat them things in moderation. Instead of sitting on the couch eating a bag of chocolate chips I have about a table spoon and feel satified with that. A rare slice of pizza here and there is nice. And wine, i enjoy having a glass every other night! Truth is you can have whatever you want in moderation and with appropriate portion sizes. My cravings however have gone away for them types of foods so I don't eat them much. I prefer my seafoods, whole grains and fresh veggies! My ham sandwiches are my favorites!

Question: What is Thrive?

Answer: Thrive is 3 easy steps you do in the first 40 minutes of your day. Step 1 is as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning you take 2 lifestyle capsules that are full of vitamins and minerals! Step 2 is 20 to 40 minutes later drink a lifestyles shake full of more vitamins and minerals along with pre and probiotics! Step 3 put on the well known DFT (derma fusion technology) special to Thrive. This is full of vitamins that are slowly absorbed through your largest organ, your skin!

Question: What happens when you stop taking Thrive? Will you get withdrawals?

Answer: Your body has been getting the right nutrition it needs to be the best it can be from Thriving. You take that away your taking away that nutrition which in turn makes you go back to square one before you started thriving. No withdrawals. Typically people never quit though because they can feel the change and don't want to go back to feeling like Regina George after Kady pushed her in front of that bus!

Misconception: Its too expensive and I cant afford it.

Answer: While everyone is different financially chances are you can afford it you just want to make excuses to not be healthy, me included. I at first said I couldn't afford it but yet I could afford all my wine. I gave up my winery trips to pay for my health. Them 2 to 3+ sodas you have daily could be cut out and that money go to your health. That fast food joint you frequent daily at lunch time, put that money toward thriving and you will have the energy at night to pack a healthy lunch. That daily coffee full of synthetic caffeine that will make you crash later for 4 bucks could easily get your DFTs. You can afford it you just don't want to put your health at the top of your priorities. And Le-vel makes it easy to thrive for free! Find 2 friends to thrive with you and its free! Its easy to find people to join you when they see how great you feel! You just need to get that first order in!

I hope this was informal for you and maybe now you have a better idea on Thrive! I hope to hear from you to get started on your journey!