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I leaned back in my seat as I stole glances from Dylan who was driving. I just couldn't believe Dylan had made it and two months later, he was here, with me. And we were going to his sister's wedding reception.

"what?" Dylan grinned.

"Nothing" I shyly responded.

"I know am handsome but you don't have to make me shy by staring at me like am some yummy pizza" he chuckled and said.

"Oh please, don't flatter yourself" I laughed and playfully hit his shoulder. "You know I can't still get your miraculous recovery out of my head."

"And why would you even want to get it out? It's miraculous! Only the almighty ought to be thanked for his love and mercy" said Dylan, still driving. I flashed a smile.

Indeed I couldn't forget that day. The scenes that had taken place were vivid in my mind, like it all happened the day before. I remember wailing on top of my voice as the doctors and nurses tried to revive Dylan. They finally managed to stabilize him but he unfortunately slipped into a coma. I was at the hospital a week later. Whilst leaving Dylan's room, I bumped into a nun.

"Excuse me miss" she said. I stood, waiting to hear what she wanted to say.

"I've been watching you the past few days. I must say, you truly are a devoted wife. It's not easy to look after twins and also look after a sleeping man" she began. I had my twins with me right then so guess she concluded they were mine, anyway, she concluded right. I wanted to correct her to say Dylan wasn't my husband but I had no strength to do so.

"Dear, do you believe in God?" asked the nun who I had come to know as sister Stella. I sighed and said 'yes.'

"Good. Are you free so that we can pray together?" she asked.

"Yes" I said. I ushered her into Dylan's room and she suggested we join hands. We joined hands and began to pray. We prayed for a good thirty minutes and when we opened our eyes, mom, Mavis and Mrs Luneta were in the room and they too had joined in prayer.

"Am sister Stella" said the nun as she extended her hand to greet Mrs Luneta.

"Mrs Luneta" said Mrs Luneta. They exchanged greetings and mom and Mavis introduced themselves too.

Sister Stella encouraged us to pray without seizing as with God, everything's possible. She assured us to say she would come by the following day. The following day, Dylan regained consciousness and the doctor said it was a miracle cause they weren't expecting Dylan to slip out of his coma so soon. Mom, Mrs Luneta, Mavis and I went in to see him.

"My son, I thought I was gonna lose you" said Mrs Luneta as she embraced Dylan.

"Am like a cockroach, I don't die easily" remarked Dylan. We all burst into laughter.

"My little bro, what would I do without you?" said Mavis who was shedding tears.

"Come here big sis, give your bro a hug" said Dylan.

Mavis broke down as she hugged Dylan. Mom and I were just watching the emotional reunion.

"Chama" called Dylan.

"Yes" I patted his hand.

"Will you forgive me for all that I've done to you?" he asked, wearing a sad expression.

"Dylan you just woke up. We can talk about this later" I said, trying hard to fight the tears that were threatening to escape my eyes.

"When if not now?" I heard a familiar voice say, it was sister Stella.

"Sister, you.... You are here" I stammered.

"Yes Chama" she entered the room.

She really had a way with words, I found myself weeping bitterly.

"Yes Dylan, I forgive you for all the atocities" I wept and embraced Dylan. Mavis knelt before me too, "Chama, I've always tried my best to get on your nerves. If you may, please forgive me" she cried.

"Dont do this sister in-law. I forgive you" I said and helped her up. We later had a family hug.

"I think my job here is done" announced sister Stella.

We thanked her for everything she had done for us but she said only the Lord had to be thanked. After being discharged, Dylan and I had a court wedding and we were now officially married.

"Honey. Honey!" Dylan shook me. "We are here" he said.

"Sorry love, my mind had wandered off" I said.

"Oh Chama, please stop reliving the past. It's not healthy. The Lord has given us a second chance at happiness. Please, let's live life to the fullest. Quit being sad" he was firmly holding my chin, lifting my head so that I could face him. He leaned in and kissed me. We were interrupted by a knock on the car's window.

"Hey love birds, everyone's waiting for you" said Joel.

"Naughty brother in-law" remarked Dylan and we all best into laughter. Mavis' wedding reception was being held at home and despite that, it was classic! Everything was superb! She had scooped herself a wealthy husband.

We went into the yard and the party began almost immediately. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Mavis was wearing a pink mermaid dress and she looked like a princess! Her groom was on point too.

I was seated somewhere waiting for Dylan who had gone to get us some drinks when I heard a familiar voice. It was Idah.

"Chama!" she was so loud.

"Idah!" I was even louder.

"Wow girl! Everything about you is on point" she exclaimed.

"You don't look bad either" I said.

"Oh please, you've outdone yourself tonight. No one can tell to say you are a mother of two" she said. I blushed.

"Oh please don't lie to her" I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned back to see who it was. I sighed, it was Patricia and Andrew. I wondered what they were even doing there.

"Patricia what now?" asked Idah.

"Just thought of saying hi. Anyway, non of you girls are my class you know. Andrew please let's go. I smell something bad here" said Patricia as she made a funny face.

"Guess it's Chama's cheap perfume" she burst into laughter. I felt like pouncing her but Idah refrained me from doing so.

"Just ignore this barren bitch!" said Idah.

Patricia raised her hand in an effort to strike Idah but Andrew held it in mid air and slapped her hard across the face.

"Am sick and tired of your childish behaviour. Am so done with this marriage!" snapped Andrew.

"Dad.." he cut her short.

"To hell with your dad! Am not his puppet and neither am I yours" he angrily said. "Chama, Idah. I apologize on her behalf" said Andrew. Zambians and scenes, people were beginning to gather.

"What's going on here?" asked Mrs Luneta.

"Don't worry, we were just leaving" Patricia angrily said.

"Yeah, leave. I don't want any gatecrashers" commented Mavis. Patricia gave her a nasty stare and angrily walked away.

"Serves her right" I mumbled under my breath.

"Am sorry once again" Andrew said and ran after Patricia, calling out her name.

"Show's over everyone. Let's get back to the party" announced Dylan, who was holding two glasses of wine. He gave one to me.

"Chama you know you are the most beautiful woman on earth right? Don't forget that I love you" he whispered. I blushed. "I gotta go, mom's calling me." he said and dashed off.

"Wow, am jealous" said Idah.

"Don't be" I hit her playfully and we burst into a series of laughter. Idah excused herself and left me all alone. Mom approached me......

"My daughter" she said. "Yes mom" I replied.

"Am so happy to see you this happy. You see, Dylan and you are a match made in heaven" she said.

"Oh please" I giggled. We were interrupted by an announcement. We all had to take to the dancefloor. Dylan showed up and we danced to Westlife's written in the stars. We werent the bride and groom but Dylan and I stole the night. Everyone stopped dancing just to admire the chemistry between the two of us. Dylan got the mic and sang Justin Bieber's "Sorry." Guess he loved the song so much. After he was done, I grabbed the mic and sang Adele's "When we were young." After the singing session, the DJ played Shayne Ward's "Breathless." Specifically for us. Dylan pulled me close to him, wrapped his hands round my waist and I wrapped mine round his neck. We slowly danced to the rhythm. wedding dresses with bling

"You know Chama, we've been through a lot. But it was all worth it cause it made our love stronger. If I were to choose a wife in another lifetime, I would proudly choose you" he said. I blushed.

"And I would choose you too my love" I said. Then Dylan leaned in and kissed me.

"What are you doing? People are watching" I said in between the kiss.

"Let them watch" he replied and kissed me more. Just then, someone lit a firecracker and everyone cheered on as Dylan's mom and my mom ululated.

..................THE END...................


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