wedding collections collections with colors

For some this is a great time of year,
( Christmas and my Birthday ) both should be happy times .
For me it make me miss my MOM and DAD more . R.I.P
Makes me miss my Dog Duke R.I.P
Reminds me my Brother and sister don't live close and I may never see them again. miss them two some times.
There Won't be a Christmas get together . I Won't be trading presents with anyone. My Son is grown won't be the excitement of seeing him get things from under the tree. wedding collections collections with colors
It reminds me of my failed Family life because I pick the wrong women.
It reminds me I'm alone.
Then I fight to think of good things.
I have food and can get more.
My Home, truck/car , boat, all paid for .
Then I realize I have items but not love ones to share them with.
lucky my happy and sad Feeling are like the season's they change,
I'll just wait it out.