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Watched an episode of SVU and I have never been so sickened in my life. They might as well have been masturbating the pharmaceutical CEOs and psychiatrists directly. It was so horrible.

Emotionally manipulative, and deliberately saying that IMPAIRED LIVER FUNCTION and LOSING LONG-TERM MEMORY are small prices to pay just to function enough to be easy for other people to deal with and MAYBE make money. Legitimate arguments of social control and abuse were tossed out the window and depicted as being represented by selfish bitter people who were simply "misguided" and "ungrateful". It is fucking disgusting. wedding collections With removable cap sleeves

I have no doubt that there are people who are severely ill and who need the medication, but even then, they should be taking these medications two years at most, and natural alternatives/cures should be sought within that time in order to repair the damage they leave, while never needing the drugs again and never ever needing electroshock therapy.

Pharmaceuticals absolutely have a place, every form of healing has a place but...seriously mainstream media, stop sucking Big Pharma's dick. Jesus.