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When something bad happens in your life, never call it a misfortune. Even when a misfortune happens, its never a misfortune. Bad things happens and that is life. Why do you think that your situation is the worst? Why do you think that all that is in your situation is bad? Think beyond pain.
When you are ill, never call it a misfortune, its rather a fortune because it alerts you of a body part that is not fine. When you fail to agree be it in a marriage or company, oh what a fortune because it tells you how other people view the same thing.
When my parents died l was so young, l never called it a misfortune, not because its a fortune but because it was not a misfortune. I have learnt to do a lot of things that those with parents cannot do. I have learnt to respect all parents and l now have so many parents. Being an opharn should not be a misfortune but rather strengthen you and makes you different. silver colored items to wear of the evening
If someone just bumps into you, or spills your meal, dont just cry, see if you were not in the road and reposition yourself. Will crying give you another share, even if you get another, its a share of sympathy, not of courage.

We all come across challenges in life but it is all about how we define and term our problems that matters. Our mindset signifies or nullifies our challenges. I have learnt to count my broken bones through the tackles l receive.
The secret is to have one word to relate to challenges *temporary* and one phrase to encourage you *a test to pass*.

See opportunities in every challenge. Smile when you are still alive. Be positive when everything seems negative. Be negative when being dragged to negativity.

Have a blessed day.

*This is my view*

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