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Something I hear very often when discussing why someone sees running as an unachievable feat, is breathing technique. "I can't breathe when I run" is something I hear a lot. Getting the right breathing technique can definetly be a challenge, but NOT unattainable. And once you find your technique (as every runner is different, the same thing that works for me may not work for you) your set! I honestly believe that if you can find your perfect technique for breathing, that you can run all day long! lol! well, maybe not ALL day, but mastering your breath will help you achieve your running goals so much easier. Here is a list of breathing techniques that are incredibly helpful. I am a mouth and nose breather, as that is where my strength lies in my running. As soon as I get that rhythym going, I can easily hit my daily running goals. You just gotta find what works for YOU! off the shoulder mermaid wedding dress

How to Breathe When Running Have you ever wondered this? "what is the right way to breathe when running?" Thought so. Is there a best way to breathe while running? Or is it just a