off the shoulder dress formal

My best friend who used to be my sister Theresa best friend not only has helped me so much thru her death I said that dreadful word. When I was in the hospital she took care of Lloyd and my babies. She also is a great Carpenter what ever needs doing she can do it it's amazing the talent and things she knows she has as much knowledge as lloyd in repairs . we do not know what we would have done if not for her work after Matthew. But here is what I need she is a widow of 18years for 15 of those years she had her dog presious spelled wrong with her sense July she her dog has been sick she prayed and prayed that she would get better well yesterday she had to put her away. She has come up here she's finishing putting the bedroom floor down. Her world will be upside down when she wakes up she's going to put her hand out for what has been beside her loved her listening to her when she didn't know where the next job was going to come from a lot of people because she is a good Christian lady don't think she can do the work she does anyway her fur baby is gone please pray that we can help her in her grief. Please keep lloyd in your prayers also we have been up all night. Sorry to ramble on but it's what I do best. I know some of my friends are at hospital with loved ones some have lost family this year r remembering loved ones that have passed. I pray for all of you. First Christmas without ma. Let's just keep one another in our prayers and think of why we are celebrating Christmas remember the birth of our Savior and the ones that need that extra touch at this time. off the shoulder dress formal