neckline styled like sweetheart for the wedding

Google Translated Ragtime chapter on Endrance.

I will definitely become you, surely "mutter so that I could tell myself" I got out of the house.It is better time to say late night than to say a simplified 4 o'clock front side of shirt and jersey Kaoru lightly turns the seven left and right feet against the ground and turns it gently "I ran quietly and slowly. The usual Sadanaka time, the usual course - which rhythmically kicks the asphalt of the sidewalk illuminated by the streetlight and carries the body forward. As soon as I started running, my lungs started to pant me. However, Kaoru knows from the experience so far that it is a sign of a lie. It will be familiar with the first 15 minutes as soon as it is painful, the body gets lighter quickly. ... excessive force applied to the knee Jo 4 - vA 4 h, already nearly two years since the beginning

I have come to a course where street lamps tend to be interrupted. In fact I do not dislike the feeling of being buried in the dark. I have a small flashlight so small that I can snugly grasp it with my palm on the left hand but when I use the light when turning on the light when I pass by my side, I used a small shadow running feet trampling my feet I barely stomp you and avoid falling. When turning around and illuminating with a flashlight, a small figure of a black cat emerged in the halo. In the meantime, the cat was staring at Kaoru with eyes that shimmer, but after a moment he jumped into the implantation by the side of the road and disappeared, Kaoru who disappeared went back and started running again so that the warm body did not cool down . Kaoru who had seen the former friend in the form of the cat before was a heavy user of "The world". It did not hurt to call it so, of course it was not so at first. The first time I was in junior high school student. It is already ten years ago. Make friends using PC called "Elk"

It has already passed for about a year since I started jogging in the late night so that it will not be. When I first ran, the lungs and knees fell violently and I could no longer walk in the middle of the course. That's why I started over since I walked fast. As soon as I could run 1 kilometer, the distance increased 2 kilometers, 3 kilometers, now it took around 2 hours very slowly but now I can keep running a distance of 8 kilometers without stopping And Today it is my first challenge to increase 2 kilometers further and to aim for a 10 kilometer run, but if I am now with my physical strength and physical condition, it should be a distance that I can achieve enough. You ought to be able to manage. It was not precisely exactly that Kaoru was hated as a hikikomori neat because it is neatly hiked neat for now. However, aside from neat, although the element of hikikomori is gone, it is still impossible indeed during the day, but if it is not popular night, compared to the time when it did not even go out of the house rather than a house where you can go out like this , The situation of Kaoru has changed considerably. Kaoru waving his hand, moves his legs and keeps running in the city at night. 15 neckline styled like sweetheart for the wedding

Ore wanted to go to [The World]. I wanted to manage my own personality who is retriever. And I got acquainted with the mysterious character "Mia". An NPC with a figure of a cat. So there is no player of Mia. Wandering A10 It's a program of lost children, but I did not care about such a thing. For Mi, Mia was a friend who made it for the first time. There was Mia in that world. He accepted me. That's the only fact. However, Mia was destroyed by someone. Despite what happened in front of us, Kaoru could not believe it. I began to log in day and night every day looking for Mia's appearance. As rThe Warldl's version changed to rR 2), Kaoru immediately reworked the "Endurance" P C, logged in and kept looking for Mia. And finally found it! I thought. After all it was a fake. Kaoru "Haseo" - I realized by meeting new colleagues. There is no more Mia. But still, she is nearby, as a force of the inscription. In the heart of 'Endurance'. And in Kaoru 's own breasts, there are certainly memories of Mia. Keep remaining forever.

So I am OK? Before I knew it, I finished my garbage bowl and it was in the last additional cos. It seemed like I could run in the way I loved it There was a long way since then "Every time I kick the ground which seemed very long though it was just a distance of Nikiro, a dull grip began to run. But even then, finally, once I went around the park which came to the entrance of the park near my house, I noticed that it would be just 10 kilometers so that the surroundings were bright. The dark sky is beginning to whitish. When I tried to enter the course of the park past six o'clock when I saw a watch, a woman while jogging came out. Unlike Kaoru, he was dressed in full swing. Since her boss crossed the same age or elderly, Kaoru also lowered his head and passed each other. Kept running as it was 8 'I noticed that the previous meeting was a long-awaited communication with other people other than my family at a little advanced place

I feel that I am gradually changing. It is different from when I was losing Mia .. It was different from when I was indifferent to anything else thought that Mia the found it. Pain in the knee is already softened already. Kaoru who is emptying at night as he emerges from his father's appearance continues to run toward the goal. Murmuring in the mind while arranging breathing rhythmically. "I hope it will work"