long halter formal gowns

How I learned to dance Rap? Do you know I can also dance Tango! Learned since I was seven just watching! I dance @ my older sister wedding reception jokingly! I picked up a red rose with long stem with a leaf just to be funny on top of the table out of the flower base! I asked a teenager to dance with me, 12 years old, I was 19, the kid was taller than me. A cousin friend! We are all cousins you know, in the Filipino community specially in the military we all dress up in suits and gowns looking really sharp! Before twenty! Love those fitted suits sort of high water in deep brown, deep blue, deep gray! Deep blue gray, Wore by most teenager as young as 12, 14, 16, In the wedding! I was the oldest! In my late teens! 19. Rey was 15, Rhea was 17. Tango song came to play! As a child we watched and listened live orchestra played all kind of classic music @ the town hall danced by the oldies, town parents, when gathering we are the children, the spectators! I’m one standing on the side, just watched the oldies, parents, young adult, teenagers do their moves! It’s Ballroom Dancing! It was pretty funny! As Tango Music ? come to Played...As Mark got up! Really a good kid, I sensed in him! Told Mark to get up! Mark got it! laughing silently, I put the red rose stem in my mouth! As Mark and I met! Mark totally got it! We throw our heads back @ the same time! Stretched our arms forward! Mark’s head stiffened, my head stiffened. We glided around the dance floor, made our faces looking serious! In mind copying the professionals on TV! And we glided across the dance floor! Mark was laughing so hard because of the rose I had in my mouth! It should the been him, but I thought, I’d do it the other way around, to be hysterical laughing! Good times in the Barracks when my older sister got married! Officiated by Rica close friend Priest! In a mini Chapel! Inside the Barracks! It felt rather warm, all the Filipinos were subdued in their own rights. Was kind of wondering. How are Filipinos so quiet and @ their best! I was feeling kind of shy myself. I did not know why. My sister was wearing a lace elongated gown fitted to her physique! Jar Heads exercise, I know is robust! She looked rather Glamorous! Paired by her husband! Wearing a deep semi-brilliant black fitted suit! My aunt was sitting on a pew already as I was walking in a very cozy Chapel got my attention and gestured @ me! “Sit here!” I was so shy to turned my head! The Chapel was really cute! Wait! I’m one of the bridesmaids, could not sit there! Did you know was always a bridesmaid too many times, my closet was collecting all kinds of gowns! I looked @ my closet one day halfway it’s almost occupied bridesmaid gowns from deep brilliant brown to deep brilliant green, brilliant baby pink, brilliant sky blue, brilliant royal blue, flowery gown, Peach color gown for my older sister wedding that was Rica’s color, Rhea was deep brilliant brown! Brilliant cream gown had to be custom made made of honor, for my cousin in the Philippines, I left when I was 14, back there, in the island where I was born and grew up partly until 14, walked my cousin wedding made of honor @ 24, made of honor @ 23, for my niece, Maria Clara, here in Seattle, wore a brilliant royal blue gown, 3/4 in length, short sleeves! It was in the summer time! I was sending everyone to the Altar! Never in mind, One day, I’d be walking the isle! You know I don’t like church wedding! I like it simple! I told F**k Face! ‘One lunch time, walk to the Justice of Peace, pick up a witness along the way, fifty bucks! Really!The reception was looking @ me, funny! I got embarrassed! Have it your way. That’s pretty much it! Always a bridesmaid twice a made of honor, I was getting irritated giving me a hard time, girls saying at work “When is your turn Ruth! Always a bridesmaid, never the bride!” “Always the made of honor! Never the bride! When is it!” ‘Sa Na Ma bitches! Leave me alone!’ Never had in mind, I would considered anyone, I had nothing in the mind, I just cruised my life, one day I looked back! In mind, what is it that I did! Pretty simple, quiet, life, till the F**k Face! Saw me in my cubicle, fixed my computer! Asked me endlessly, for a date, was really persistent! @ 32, in mind, eh, why not? Nothing going on! For a company looks pretty refined, gentle, kind caring, never seen anything like it, like men in general! So I studied his movement, his demeanor, his behavior, his mannerism, him as a whole! I did not see, did not detect anything! I would have asked for, family history background like health, DNA, criminal records, but for whatever F**king reasons! I don’t know why I just settled of what I saw, was just a displayed temporary, after matrimony a bit of its secret leaked @ me, after the first child, true colors came out! Too late! I have a child! Fallowed by another! You just don’t leave a defect! long halter formal gowns