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The first INDIANA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS have been scheduled, and the venue has been selected. We will be holding it at Midwest Trail Ride, which is closer to you Southern Folk (you will save 2 hours' drive time over the other 2 facilities we were considering). Here are the particulars:
DATE is MAY 5-6, Saturday and Sunday
1. The sport-track competition on Saturday will be held in their outdoor arena. Not sure which courses we'll have yet, but I am favoring 1-2-3-shot Korean and maybe Aussie or ??
2. The field archery day (Sunday) will be held in the forest (Cross-country) and in the arena (Comanche attack or Hoosier Hunt, depending).
3. We will have MANY opportunities for fun! A Cinco de Mayo campfire (with sombreros!), A Derby Day catered dinner (tickets required for that one), and a nice after-competition get together at the Overlook restaurant (I hope!). Awards! Prizes!
4. The trails are FABULOUS. You will have access to 100 miles+ of well maintained trails for your riding pleasure. You might want to stay an extra day.
NOW. What do we need? We need VOLUNTEERS!
We need people to assist with scoring, timing, crowd control (yes, there WILL be spectators, and we don't want them wandering into harm's way), folks to help with hospitality/problem solving, and paperwork. We should also have an official Iron Riders Membership table to sign up all our new enthusiasts!
We might need HORSES to be shared by competitors. If you are a competitor (or not) and are bringing a horse that can be shared, please let us know! We need to be sure we have enough stalls reserved. You will receive a $35 horse use fee from the rider you share with, and if you are a volunteer willing to bring a suitable horse, IRMA will cover the cost of your stall as well. Horse must be experienced in MA.
We are limiting the entry to 20 competitors. (This is normal for competitions at this point). Depending on a few factors, I might push it to 25, but I think for this first one, smaller is better.
What is the venue like?
We have hot showers, flush toilets, a tack store, hay available for purchase so you don't have to bring a bunch, stalls and bedding (stalls $10 a day with bedding provided), and nice, dry campsites with electric hookup and water for $25 a day. We also have cabins! Rustic cedar cabins with heat and A/C--cost is $70 per day and they will sleep 4. Go to midwesttrailride.com and check out the photos.
IF your horse MUST have turnout, you can bring your own pen and set it up in the field, but there are no paddocks or outside turnout available. I have camped at MTR for decades. The stalls are small, but the horses are well protected and (mine at least) are comfortable there.
What will the weather be like? What is the footing like?
It's Indiana. Who knows? It might be a little rainy, but I doubt we'll get rained out. It should be warm, but not too hot. Nights can still be chilly. The footing in the arena is excellent and it drains well. The trail has some rock (hoof protection recommended), and the cross country course includes a few turns, some muddy bits, and slight inclines, both up and down. The terrain is HILLY (for you trail riders). long floor-length dresses with a discount price
What should you do now?
1. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDARS! Seriously. We want you! We need you!
2. Why not plan a weekend of trail riding and MA? Reserve your campsite/stall/cabin ASAP. Here are the links to MTR site and Phone number:
http://www.midwesttrailride.com Call (812) 834-6686
3. Be aware that, if I know you, and you show up to ride that weekend, MIGHT try to grab you for temporary assistance. Just sayin'. ;-)
MORE LATER, My FRIENDS! I have included a poll to assess early interest.

I am planning to come and compete! I will be bringing horse/horses. I will volunteer! Contact me and let me know what I can do. I will come and watch, and I might help if needed. I can come to compete but will need to share a horse. I am coming to trail ride for the weekend and might be open to being shanghaied to assist on a temporary basis.