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Any lady who asks or demands money from you in dating is not marriage material. She is a girl and needs a dad not a relationship. Don't take advantage of her. Let her go. If you can help her without a relationship, without expecting anything in return, do it; else leave her to her fate.
We take undue advantage of people who really need help and call it a relationship. Can you help her without dating her? Can't you help her without having sex with her? The fact that she is available doesn't mean she is yours. God puts us in the lives of people to be a blessing to them but not to take advantage of them. Not to lead them into sin. Not to help destroy their lives.
Think of the future than what you will get now. Someone helped you get to where you are now. It wasn't everything you paid for. Why should she pay for every penny with sex in return? Is that what you call love? Well love is caring for someone without expecting anything in return. If you can't help without demanding sex or a relationship in return, please let her be. Let her suffer.
Many girls who are in need of help give in to this kind of relationship; they get used for the help they seek. The men they meet promised of helping them through their schools or business but with a condition of marriage attached to the offer.
The desperate girl also agrees to this but later realizes the relationship is not what she needs. This is not the man she will love to marry. She suddenly loses interest in the relationship and starts putting up an attitude. Some pretend to be in love but seek attention and affection outside the relationship.
For those who can't continue and want to leave, they are made to look ungrateful before family and friends. They are also threatened. It's either "I will curse you" "I will kill you or take you to juju". Etc.
One thing the guy forgets is that he was also having sex with this lady. If each round of sex is valued at #2000, and they multiply it by the number of times, days, weeks, and years they've has sex, I am very sure the men will have arears to pay.
Marriage is for the mature. A man who is ready for marriage should search for a woman who is matured and ready. Don't chase a girl for marriage. She is not a poultry fowl to rear for Christmas.
The safest arms a girl can be in is that of the dad and not a boyfriend. With the boyfriend, she might end up with sex. A girl needs to remember a cockroach has no relationship with the fowl unless it wants to be chopped.
Girls should stop going into relationships to seek help. Stop going into a relationship because you have free time. Relationship is not a business, an organization or a hobby. If you are looking for something to do, get a book to read, get a career. Go to school. And if you are a student, do what students do, which is studying their books. Stop wasting men's time and resources, it's not cute. latest 2018 prom party gowns in tea length
In conclusion "Don't fall in love with money. Be satisfied with what you have. The Lord has promised that he will not leave us or desert us" - Hebrews 13:5 (CEV).