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Do you suffer from knee pain?

Do you want to get fit and continue with your squatting, running, or crossfit but your knee pain is stopping you from progressing?

There are a few possible causes of knee pain and a quite common cause is known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS).

It is often described as dull achy pain behind a knee cap (patella) especially after running or loading activities such as lunges, squatting and jumping.

This is often caused by biomechanical issues. We will explain one possible contributing factor today!

Over pronation of your foot, which means your medial side of your arch in the foot drops excessively, as a result your shin bone internally rotate and your knee is now being pulled inwards.

The knee cap is usually sitting in the groove of your thigh bone (femur) and moves up/down smoothly as your knee bends/extends. However, in the presence of foot over pronation and if that becomes excessive, the knee cap is being forced to move outwards which may increase the pressure behind the knee cap. knee length lace wedding dresses

If this non-optimal biomechanics is prolonged, it can lead to PFPS!

We will go through some other causes sometime soon! Stay tuned! :)

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