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December 6th will always be an important day for me -- my life changed, and nearly ended exactly 10 years ago today. It's nothing but miraculous, what has happened over the last 10 years and I thank God regularly for all of it. But I think, after a decade, I should still be thanking all the countless people who have prayed for me, supported me, believed in miracles, helped, and encouraged me through a decade of healing from brain injury. Just a small few...

The state trooper who found me at the accident and immediately called his father as they prayed together. The crew on the ground, for deciding not to use a body bag, and in the helicopter for safely getting me to the hospital. Thank you.

Matt Kitchen for being the first person to find out what happened, the first to the hospital, and the person who had to tell my family. I'm still sorry you didn't get to see the Redskins beat the Bears that night. To his wife and my friend Kathleen Kitchen and to their family.

To my dad for breaking every traffic law to get up to Inova Fairfax Hospital in record time. My brother Jerry Harris who went back and forth from the ICU and studying for law school in the waiting room. And of course his wife and my sister Bryceleigh. My mother, Connie Harris , who dropped everything and basically moved to Northern Virginia for months, and to the Klimkiewicz family for providing us a place to stay.

To Dr. Roberti for being the only surgeon in the ICU who believed I had a shot. And to all the nurses at Inova Fairfax Hospital and Inova Mount Vernon Hospital . To Dr.Ganjei who cared for me while in recovery/rehab. To Kristin Hall and all the other PT's, OT's, and SLP's who got me walking and talking and living again. The people who put me with the best doctors available, the family and friends and even the strangers who were so helpful, including Mark Martha Orling and so many others.

And to Larry Michael, Joe Gibbs, and the entire Washington Redskins organization for the thoughts, prayers, and support. And for winning 5 in a row and making the playoffs while I was in the hospital. Thank you.

To Jamie Limato for letting me be a part of the Aletheia Norfolk community when I most needed it.

And most importantly, right now, to my amazing wife Amy Harris for her patience, and her love every single day. From sharing the testimony with her right when we met, to being right by my side when I had a stroke right before we went to pick up her engagement ring, to the birth of our child and still so incredibly understanding living and loving someone dealing with a brain injury on a daily basis.

I drive by the place where my funeral was going to be pretty regularly, and every time I pass it, I am even more grateful for the 3,650 days and counting since being assumed dead on arrival. I'm grateful for everyone, including those I didn't mention, for the prayers and the support -- family, friends, doctors, nurses, specialists, and people I'll never even meet. And I'm thankful for the life I've been given, with a beautiful wife and son, all by the grace of God. items with detachable pieces to wear of the wedding

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