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Hey friends and everybody yep feeling pain and it hurts a lot my update is I went to the doctor yesterday in Huntsville AL and he done some tests on me and blood work on me to and found a number of things wrong with me. Like I thought he would and doctor checked me out and everything and done the blood work on me and found out that I have got Bell's palsy and a spectrum of probably autism and possibly Ms but not sure on that yet. And said I have probably got rheumatoid arthritis I will get those test results back soon or in February at my next appointment said I act like I have got Ms a lot. And I show all of the signs of it and said That he is doing another test on me to see if I have got any other muscular diseases. My blood pressure was not good and my oxygen level was not good and I have lost a lot of weight my weight has dropped down to 79 pounds and I couldn't believe that. My muscles hurt a lot and the doctor said I have got weak muscles so he gave me muscle relaxers and he put me in physical therapy for muscle weakness and two more things and doctor couldn't do anything for me about the nodules which is another name for cyst on my knees and ankles and feet I have inflammation on my knees and ankles and feet. So he gave me cream to rub on my knees so I can get inflammation gone and he can drain these nodules that is on my bones and said it's caused from sitting on my legs and knees on the floor but not caused from bike riding a lot and the doctor also said I have to do more exercising and biking and walking because exercise will help me and bike riding will build my muscles up and make them strong. And the doctor when he called me not long after I got home he said that my potassium is down really low so he gave me potassium medicine and told me to eat bananas my potassium is 3.1 and that is low and he said my potassium is supposed to be 3.5 and my doctor is going to recheck my potassium on Monday and see if it has went up and said if it hasn't went up I will have to be put in the hospital. For a couple of days. I gotta find me some bananas ! I am going to start my Walk all the way around Athens, Alabama and limestone county again this week like I used to do three times a year even though it took me all afternoon and all night I always had a lot of fun doing that and seen things I never seen before or heard of before. So I gotta put my walking shoes on and walk and walk and ride my bike. A lot more than usual. I also found out in during the phone call doctor wants me to go to the regular doctor and get checked for ear infection and sinus infection and tonsillitis and wants me to see if I can get my hiatel hernia removed. Said looks like my tonsils are enlarged so I still have a lot more tests to go through and a lot more doctor visits to go through but I tell you God must have been with me and saved me from surgery. And I am glad of that so friends and everybody please pray for me. I know I need a lot of encouraging prayers and thoughts sent to me today, tomorrow and everyday daily I got a long ways to go and doctor is calling in more medicine on Monday and I don't know what that medicine is for until I get that phone call on Monday morning. So friends and everybody I would appreciate it a lot if you please pray for me. And I would like to hear from everybody soon! Thanks from Mary Lewis tomboy outlaw harmonica player garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue