dresses for graduation

In 1969, Great Lakes Illinois Boot Camp, we were learning to drill inside one of the Drill Halls. Sure enough , on one of our tries, we didn't get the command to turn to the left and we marched into the wall. The whole company. Our CC (MM1 Offenbacher) went ballistic, chewed us out, replaced the boot camp company commander, and had us try again. He showed us where the mark was for the turn, and from then on we made the turn and missed the wall. Our company won several ribbons, but NEVER won an award for physical fitness, drill, marching... we were smart, not coordinated.Then came graduation, inside the same giant Drill Hall. As we marched towards the wall, ready for the turn, ready to pass in review, our hearts and minds were clear... and then we missed the mark for the command to turn. Not by a beat or a step, but by several steps. (Think 'The Hunt for Red October' - "Captain we are out of the lane by as much as several boat lengths") Finally the command came and we swung to the left. Our ranks were forced shoulder to shoulder as the outer squads pressed against the wall, and then we were moving down the wall, a single rope of solid blue headed for the final turn and to pass in review. But what to do? We were out of formation. This would be obvious when we passed in review. When we got the next 'left', the Company thought as one. As each rank swung left there was a subtle 'dress left' that occurred and we came out of the turn, still in step, still in formation and we passed our Company Commander who was on the reviewing stand with his mouth wide open in amazement. I was proud of us all. dresses for graduation