crop top items to wear of the wedding

I'm not Super Man Bat man Flash or none of the above My Priority's come first anybody else is second if you can't rock wit me when I'm grinding and focus and feel like I'm being fake maybe I am Y'all never fwm when I ain't have a bed or place to go So miss me with all the bullshit and If you dont like that I'm not running the streets witch u db ass niggas No more Fuck u bitch or nigga I'm on a new level and My ceilings are higher than just the west end of Louisville Ky Y'all ... MF as critize me call me ugly dirty a bum all that shit but When I was actually dusty and dirty and didnt have shit y'all was all my friends and Fwm tough I was bro and shit but now I'm do in better than u you hate me IMA opp you gone kill me and etc Thats that Shit that got my nigga killed fw MF as that dont give AF bout me if u wanna kill me I'm not hiding when I'm in Louisville I walk all around the west WALK AROUND I may say again I'm not hiding I'm do in me Solo wit a few real niggas that i ain't gotta question but this is my last a final time saying anything on the topic of Niggas and Bitches fwm I DO NOT NEED OR DO NOT WANT YOUR FRIENDSHIP I KNOW YOU DONT HAVE LOYALITY AND LOVE IS A STRONG WORD MFAS USE LOOSELY IF YOU DONT LIKE ME LET ME KNOW I GOT LIKE 6 INBOX YALL CAN HIT I DO NOT CARE IM ADRON MARSHALL I WAS BORN HIM IMA DIE HIM AND WHEN I WAS BORN YOU WERE NOT THERE SO I DONT NEED U WHEN I DIE MY LIFE IS GREAT MY NIGGA I DONT NEED A MFA THING NOT EVEN FOR A MFA TO MAKE SURE IM STRAIGHT LAST TIME IMA SAY IT FUCK YALL NIGGAS AND BITCHES EMD SMB HMD AND ALL ET GOOD SHIT MY TWO MUD BROTHERS KNOW WASSUP THE REST YALL CAN EAT A DICK FEMALES INCLUDED IF YOU NOT GONE MOTIVATE ME TO BE GREAT AND GET MY SHIT RIGHT BITCH YOU SCOOT TOO crop top items to wear of the wedding


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