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Christ Apostolic Church
Living Water Daily Devotional Guide


MEMORIES: So it was, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven. (Nehemiah 1:4)

When Nehemiah was the cupbearer to that pagan King, his heart was deeply stirred over the plight of the Israelites back home the condition of their city. With the Kings permission, he set out to rebuild Jerusalem. He encountered numerous obstacles, but refused to let them distract him from the task. He thus teaches us the importance of:
1. BEING IN THE CENTER OF GOD'S WILL: When Nehemiah cried out in prayer about his people and homeland (vv. 4-11), the LORD showed him exactly what to do. Then God caused the King to be favourably disposed towards the request, and to provide everything needed. Knowing we are right where God wants us will give us confidence to move through trials, without being side-tracked. bohemian style wedding collections on sale
2. REMEMBERING WHAT THE GOAL: Nehemiah knew that Lord's priority for him was to rebuild the city walls. God has also planned thing for us to do, and His work is always of great value. We are not to underestimate our part, no matter how small it seems to us.
3. ACCOMPLISHING EACH TASK: Following every crisis, Nehemiah returned to the task at hand. By keeping the Lord's goal in mind, we'll be able to stay in our God-appointed places, carry out each step, and remain on course.
4. ACCURATELY IDENTIFYING OUR DISTRACTION: Those who seek to interrupt our work, divert our attention, or attack us personally are not from God. With the Father's help, Nehemiah recognised whom to heed and whom to ignore.
Think about people and situations that are likely to distract you. Being a were of their potential to get you off track, can help you stay focused.

1. Let us pray that God should help us to be in the centre of His will.
2. Pray for passion to remain focused on your God-given assignment, even in the face of the stiffest oppositions.
3. Pray for spiritual sensitivity to know who God is sending to you, and when He is sending same.


Good morning and welcome to a new week.
May the favour of God fill our lives, in Jesus name Amen.

Jesus is coming soon. Be prepared!!!