beige or ivory color wears to a prom

Any great dinner ideas? We are a vegan family but have a 6 year old foster child living with us for the next two weeks. He is not vegan and I'm sure we won't be able to change his eating habits. He eats lunch at school every day and is happy enough with cereal or frozen waffles for breakfast. But he is so picky! I can't get him to eat any fruit or vegetables. I am so uninspired for dinner right now. I made spaghetti with Gardein meatballs the other day - he ate the pasta but not the meatballs. Luckily I snuck a bunch of vegetables into the tomato sauce. But I can't make pasta every day! I made a few things last night and he only ate the Boca chicken nuggets and latkes (he didn't detect the onion!). I'm currently making seitan burgers from S&B but I suspect he'll only eat the burger with a bun and ketchup. beige or ivory color wears to a prom
What the heck do I cook? My one year old eats everything and other foster kids have been much easier.