beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Picture of my sweet beautiful daughter Taylor. You never seen her without a smile on her pretty face. My heart aches in pain knowing I want see her again. I pray each night for her before going to sleep hoping I wake up the next day & I was dreaming. I want to wake up from this nightmare that I'm living through. My heart is shattered as my life changed when I lost buggies. She always loved being at home getting up early in the mornings to eat her breakfast. She was an early bird. Loved her breakfast food even in the middle of the day. She loved my homemade gravy & biscuits & always said "mom I need my bacon" can't eat my gravy & biscuits without my bacon. Oh how Taylor was a sweet & enjoyable little girl growing up. Always happy & full of life. Never seen her sad or in a bad mood. She lived a happy life. She loved wearing her "dollywood dresses" with her matching socks, & I always had to buy her shoes with small heals. She loved the sound of her shoes clicking as she walked. Special memories I have with Taylor. She never really grew up even as an adult, always puckering her lips out at me at an adult age saying "mommy I love you" she was my overgrown baby. I cant begin to describe how broken I am, I miss Taylor so much. My life will never be the same again. Time will never heal my pain. I'm crushed with loosing her. Loosing a child is something that is experienced & could never be explained. The miss in your heart is a void that could "NEVER BE FILLED" I pray to god for strength because I'm very weak. God took my Taylor for his own reason, but left me lifeless !!! Ill "never" forget that fatal day, a call a mother never wants to get saying one of your kids are dead. But it happened to me that changed my life for eternity. I love and miss you Taylor your never going to be forgotten & its not right your life was cut short at the young age of 24. May god keep you safe & tell mom & dad I love & miss them too. I know your flying high with the angels. Your wrapped in gods arms safely. Please Taylor come to mommy in my dreams. You did twice so far & I will be ok long as I keep my dreams of you locked into my broken soul. Let me know baby that your ok. I miss you so much Taylor !!!!!!! Your sweet smile I see each morning as I wake up keeps me going. Your beautiful pics gives me strength to get up out of bed treasuring your memories. I dreamed of you 2 nights ago, I looked out my kitchen window seen you get off the school bus, reliving precious memories of you even through my dreams. Every day now that I see the school bus coming through my subdivision, I see you getting off it. I am going crazy without you Taylor. Please god let Taylor be able to read this from her mommy. I miss her so much god. Taylor baby I love you sweetheart and ill be waiting for each night I see you again in my dreams....until taylor sweetheart we meet again your mommy loves you so so much and I'm sending you my love ans lots of warm kisses& all my hugs darling. ...xoxoxoxox beige or ivory color wears for a wedding