ball styled items to wear in the winter of the party

Day- hmmm, I'm not sure. Don't have my calendar with me...but I'm still Kickin Cancer's Ass...Butt! Hahaha.

Today I looked in the mirror & I can count my lashes on each eye. I have 8 on my right eye, and 6 -maybe 7 on my left! But now I feel like I got one that fell in my know that feelin when an eyelash falls in your eye...annoying. So i may just have 7 now in my right eye lid. I'm having my 3rd treatment of chemo with Taxol as I type. Three down, 9 more to go! So before they took me in to check my blood, I thought, geese, there's a LOT of people here getting chemo. I am in the back, back room -nosebleed section! Kinda makes you think! But thinkin for me is slowly getting away from me. Getting sleepy. They give me lots of relaxin type drugs before the Taxol comes on. Something for allergic reaction, something for nausousness, & somethin to relax me. I really feel it. I think I may take a nap for awhile. Love you all & God Bless, WenDy. ball styled items to wear in the winter of the party # Wendystrong , # Kickincancersbutt , # Fightlikeagirl