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Life is funny and its really unpredictable,
Sometimes you go to the LEFT where nothing is RIGHT and sometimes you go the RIGHT where nothing is LEFT. Today,s decision can determine your tomorrow's destination. Be honest with yourself when making a choice. Decision making is one of the hardest things in life.
A confused man is a blind man, be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might end up no where in life. KNOWLEDGE is knowing what you WANT while WISDOM is choosing what you NEED. Never loose your priorities in your journey of life. Don't be too shy or too proud to seek advice, but be very careful from who and where you seek advice. The only advice you can get from a fool is a foolish advice. Don't make decisions when you are sad and don't make promises when you are happy. Never make a permanent decision in a temporary situation. UcenterDress not expensive prom party dresses in color red
Blindness is never in the lost sight but in the lost focus. The best way to see life is to sometimes close your eyes. Until you stop looking at everything, you may never see anything. Pay more attention to what's important and the unimportant things will gradually finds its way out of your life.
To follow the crowd is to miss the crown. Be bold to follow your own path in your journey of life. Never trust a new friend with all your mouth. If you have a secret keep it to yourself because once it's out of your mouth, its already in the news.
Everybody has a dirty linen in their closets never wash your own in public.