UcenterDress maid of honor garments in royal purple

I love this boy. Some kids in school would throw birthday parties and wouldn't invite him. He would pretend he didn't care but he did. He always painted a smile on his face but couldn't wait to get home to go to his room and cry. One time at a church activity, he was 10, he was playing truth or dare with the other kids. He chose "dare" and his challenge was to get hit in the head by all the other kids. The girl he liked at that time was the one who called the challenge. He still remembers who she is but he is too happy now to be mad at her. He never told anybody the things he's been through. He was so strong and didn't even know it. Every time someone looks down on me, hurts me, or tries to break me, I remember him. I remember how strong he is. All the challenges taught him to become a better and stronger person, work hard, and to believe in himself. None of those kids bother him anymore. He's so ahead of them, they can't reach him. I live my life to make him proud, as everyone should. Be strong always, there are great things ahead of you. UcenterDress maid of honor garments in royal purple