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(Posted on behalf of a friend.)
" Remission".....does not mean that it is over.... physically or mentally! 65% chance of it recurring! ( but I do not live my life by the numbers. ) ....Today..... no doubt, in the most difficult moments of life you can tell who your true friends are compared to those who call you friend. Unfortunately, most friends leave you and can send you a "like" of convenience but actually do not read... for this reason, I have decided to post this message to support all Cancer Survivors and those who are fighting it now. Everyone should live every day like it was your last and best day! UcenterDress gowns in the evening looks elegant
Now, I'm imagining those who are taking the time to read this post to the end.
Cancer is an infamous, very invasive and destructive disease for our bodies, during and even after the treatment is over, the body is still struggling with itself trying to reconstruct all the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation. It's a long process. Some are successful and can beat him, others are not so lucky. Please, in honor of one or more members of your family or friends who have lost the fight, or who are fighting cancer, and for those that have survived cancer, please copy and paste on your page.
Everyone says, "if you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, I'll be there for you".
So I'm going to make a bet, but I think only some of my friends will put it on their wall.
Simply Copy (not share)
I'm interested to know who I can count on... so just write "done" in the comments.
Posted for loved ones I know who have been fighting the fight, and for those I know who have supported. Never give up!