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Nothing lasts forever in the world of the Executive Assistant (EA) and often it's a cause for celebration if things last for more than a few days. In our most recent psychological adventure I can report that the EA has come to terms - admittedly slowly - with the passing of Malcolm Young and in a rare moment of praise she did compliment me on the AC/DC covers played last week in Tune Up on FBi radio. And her giant size hangover which appears to have been brought on by her necking three large bottles of Scotch "in memory of Malceeee, dudes" (as she put it at the time) appears to be ever so slowly lifting. And she was clearly conscious enough to hear all of the radio show last week. "Dude, dude, dude, fucking William get-in-to-my-life-dude Shatner covering The Cramps, DUDE that rocked so hard that it stopped me throwing up Scotch for a full three and a half minutes dude." I was trying to avert my eyes to the fact that the EA was holding this conversation whilst wearing very little and looking Ever So Much (ESM) like Ivy from The Cramps whilst sprawled on the Tune Up office floor spinning old Speciality and Atlantic singles on a new/old record player which I presume had been procured with funds from the Non-Existent Tune Up Budget (N-ETUB). "Dude, you've got to play that cover again dude - Shatters OWNS Garbageman - and what about the listener who requested The Cramps covering Surfin' Bird, dude - you've gotta go there dude." I did remind the EA that weeks ago she booked Sydney band Hoolahan to come on the show and select a bunch of covers - plus they were planning to sing a cover of a Falling Joys song and maybe one by Gene Clark. "Dude, dude, I talked to the Hoola Hoops or whatever they're called dude and they're good with those covers being in the show. Dude, get a damn grip - it's YOUR bloody show dude. Don't let those Hooligans roll over the top of you dude." Sound like a fun hour of radio? Join me today on FBI radio between midday and 1pm via 94.5 FM or stream at 2nd marriage mature wedding wears for over 40/50 older brides fbiradio.com